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Clubs etc. Photographers Others
Hässleholm Camera Club
My "home" camera club.
Brutus Östling
Probably the best bird photographer in the world.
Education and tutorials using Photoshop.
Swedens largest Web camera club with articles, forums, pictures etc.
Håkan Strand
Fine black&white photographs.
Photo galleries and social network on the Internet. Amazing photos in many categories. Selling of "Fine art" prints.
The Norwegian counterpart to
Serkan Gûnes
Nature photographer from Stockholm with the light as guiding-star.
Large photo site, where you can also buy photos. I have some of my photos here.
South Swedish association for nature photographers.
Claes Grundsten
Versatile nature photographer with a keen eye for mountains.
The Swedish nature photographers /N
National association for nature photographers.
Roberto Caucino
Fine art-pictures from all over the world.
Hans Strand
Another versatile Swedish nature photographer.
Photographer Jay Canvas
Photographer based in Småland who can be hired for various missions.